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 SHEWD, NGO organizing the HIPKNIT program which  is looking to attract the buyers from the around the world  in implementing  crafts, Farming focused Income Generation Projects who share their commitment to the ideas of Fair Trade.

1.We work with low income and uneducated poor women in various VDC.

2.Have an ability to export and meet devilry requirements.

3.Support the sustainable development process through providing the regular income & employment to producers under a fair return and at an acceptable price to the market. We will not compromise to Protect women and children right.

4.Commitment to business transparency, Human rights, to protect the environment and regarding  producer wages as well as general trading and operation status.

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The good news for you is that the profit is shared between you and the producers, because we are not using middlemen. This means that you get cheap handmade quality knitwear and the people in Nepal get a better profit!

Main objective

The objective of Hipknit is to empower women in poor and remote villages through a micro-credit programme. The micro-credit programme aims to make economic participation possible for women, thereby increasing their income, socio-economic status, and, hence, their self-confidence.

Key achievements

So far, 25 women have received free training in knitting, cross-knitting and business practices. The only investment the women make is in their knitting needles (two knitting needles cost approximately 40 NR, which is around USD 0.60). The women knit sweaters, hats, scarfs, and other products, which are sold on the international market. SHEWD provides the wool and cotton, both organic, required by the women to make the products.

SHEWD applies fair trade principles: the women make NR 150 (around 2 USD) a day, which is a higher wage (how much do these other women make, on average?) than that paid to women in the area selling to other buyers. SHEWD takes NR 2 (0.03 USD) per product sold, and invests this in its other programmes (see the SHEWD home page for further information on SHEWDs programmes)

The positive impact of Hipknit extends beyond income generation, with feedback showing that the socio-economic status of the women involved in the programme has improved. Many of the women are also using their wages to send their children to school as they are now able to pay the tuition fees.

Future projects

SHEWD plans to expand Hipknit and is aiming for 15 women in each of Lalitpur’s 41 Village Development Councils (VDC) (i.e. 615 women in total) to benefit from the micro-credit programme by the end of 2009. SHEWD plans not only to increase the number of women participating, but also to increase the range of activities to include vegetable farming and rearing goats. SHEWD is currently selling knitted products to France, but is looking for other wholesale buyers.

SHEWD is looking for funding to allow it to expand Hipknit. To help towards the funding, SHEWD is planning a 1-day exhibition in the tourist district on Thamel in October 2007. This exhibition aims to sell Hipknit products and collect donations. The exhibition will also increase awareness of Hipknit among tourists and the ways in which tourists can contribute to the programme

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