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Day tour:

Option 1: Kokarna and Bungamati (half day)
Visit these two lovely authentic Newari villages, preserved from tourists and famous for their tapestry and woodcarvings. The unique Newari culture is world famous for its never ending festivals and fine cuisine. What better way is there to explore a culture than to directly take part of it? If you contact us in advance, we will be happy to provide you with a detailed schedule of festivals. Please bear in mind that visiting times will differ according to the festival hours (most of them take place after sunset!). As walking distances are short and even, this option is also recommended for families with children and elderly.

Morning or afternoon tour:
·        Bus from Kathmandu to Bungamati
·        Visit of Bungamati (get a grip of what Newari culture is all about)
·        Walk to Kokarna (just an easy ˝ hour stroll, nothing too heavy).
·        Visit Kokarna (check out the production of a vide variety of handicrafts)
·        Return to Bungamati
·        Lunch/Dinner in Bungamati
        (Enjoy an authentic Newari meal - don't worry it wont be too spicy!)
·        Bus to Kathmandu

Option 2: Charghare (full day)
This authentic village is the best example of one of Kathmandu Valley's many remote villages and is only reachable by foot. Enjoy a breathtaking view over the entire Kathmandu Valley while enjoying a light traditional Nepali luncheon! As Charghare is situated on top of a steep hill, this trip is only recommended for individuals in good physical health!
·        Bus from Kathmandu to Bishkunk Narayn
·        Bishkunk Narayn (holy site)
·        Walk from Bishkunk Narayn to Charghare
·        Charghare (explore the local village life and enjoy a luncheon
         on top of the Kathmandu valley)
·        Return to Bishkunk Narayn
·        Bus to Kathmandu

Please notice that this trip is only possible during the dry season. It will be too dangerous to climb up the hill after rainfall.

Option 3: Lakhuri bhanuyang (full day and one night)
Lakhuri bhanyang is especially famous for its excellent view of a breathtaking sunrise and the wide Himalayan range. As most people in the area are local farmers the easy walk from Lamatar to Lakhuri bhanuyang will take you along rice and wheat plantations, vegetable fields, forests, and local villages. Meet the locals as the pass along the way, often with their domestic animals tagging along. At last enjoy a traditional Nepali dinner while enjoying a cozy get-together at the camp, where you will spend the night. If you don't like adventure you will also have the opportunity to spend the night at a local guesthouse but we recommend the camping, as it is just more fun!

·        14.00pm bus from Kathmandu to Lamater (1,5 h)
·        Walk from Lamatar to Lakhuri bhanuyang (visit the many villages that we cross)
·        Lakhuri bhanuyang: Installation of the camp
·        Dinner with the sunshine
·        Night
·        Early wake up for a spectacular view of the sunrise
·        Walk back and bus to Kathmandu (approximate arrival time: 12.00am)

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