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There are many ways how you can support us:

Buy our products on Hipknit:
SHEWD believes in sustainable development through steady income generation. By buying high quality knitwear and beautiful Pashminas from you support directly the women involved in our micro-credit programme. You can also help by letting your friends, family and local fair trade stores know about our hipknit products and referring them to our website.

Travel with us:
Support our projects by travelling with us. Yes, it is that easy! Travel with a purpose and have fun. All profits from our offered tours will be directly reinvested into our community projects.

Volunteer with SHEWD:
We happily accept applications from people that are willing to donate their time to our projects. We are especially looking for volunteers with skills and experience in the following fields: Fundraising, Marketing, Healthcare, Teaching, Financing, IT, Agriculture and Retail. You can also support us directly from your home. We are often in need for translators, and SHEWD members that represent us at local trade shows and conventions in order to increase our global network. 

All donations are gladly accepted. Unfortunately it is very complicated to make credit card payments to Nepal. If you do wish to donate, please to so by bank transfer to the following account:
A/c Name: SHEWD - Hipknit
Bank Name: Bank of Kathmandu Ltd.
Address: Kathmandu, Nepal
Account No: 010000043239

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By buying our high quality fashion items you will directly support the women involved in our HIPKNIT project.  In order for the women to be eligible for participation, they have to attend the free basic literacy programm organized by SHEWD and commit themselves to sending their children to school. The women will receive a well above average salary and remaining profits will directly be reinvested into expanding the HIPKNIT project, as well as, other community projects from which the women will  profit as well.
By the people for the people!
Rural Woman's Health Camp
Supports by our honaorable volunteer Marion de Castilla, France
We greatly appreciated her effort raising the funds selling our handicrafts products.
!!!!!!!Let's join solidarity for the woman's Empowerment!!!!!!

Looking for your kind support in Woman's Empowerment activities.
Income Generation activities  knitting & weaving handicrafts and  Aloe vera & Stevia Cultivation in Nepal

Donating First Aid medicine and gloves  to the Health Post.