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All proceedings from your orders will directly profit the people of Nepal!

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About us

Hipknit is an activity operated by SHEWD.   The Society for Health Environment and Women's Development (SHEWD) is a non- governmental, not-for-profit organization working in Lalitpur district of Nepal.  Since its founding in 1998, SHEWD has been dedicated to working for the interests of the poor in the community on issues of health, computer education, environment and women's empowerment.

SHEWD is fully operated by young Nepalese volunteers who themselves are members of the target-communities. SHEWD works without structural financial support from the government or from foreign donors. 

Founding principles for SHEWD are:

  • Helping the poorest residents
  • Involving the community in planning, maintenance, and implementation of various projects.
  • Making economic participation available for women
  • Making safe health care available to the poor by training.
  • Educating poor youth
  • Making available computer training for youth
  • Becoming a self-sufficient organization while working on social-welfare

What happens to the money?
All proceedings from Hipknit orders go directly to SHEWD in Nepal. Non of the profit goes to middlemen.  The profit is partly put back into the community of Thaiba and will be partly invested in other SHEWD projects in the areas of Health, Environment Awareness and Education.

How do the producers profit form Hipknit?
The people of Thaiba are among the poorest in Nepal.  Most residents work at farming and handicrafts and have an average annual income of less than $250.  Malnutrition, inadequate housing, illiteracy, lack of educational and vocational training for young people, unemployment, and lack of proper health care are just some of the problems that residents face.

To date, there has been little not-for-profit intervention in the area.  The biggest burden of poverty falls on the women.  The majorities are illiterate and unskilled, spend their lives isolated, are often abused, and have little access to power and decision making in their families and community.

The Hipknit project gives some of the poorest women in Thaiba a chance to work for a fair wage and gain economical independence. In the process they will learn profitable handicraft skills as well as business-skills.

They are being involved in the making of decisions concerning the business right from the start.  In addition any  profit will be spend on education possibilities for their children, clean water supplies for the village and community building activities.

How can you help?
You can help by ordering our knitwear and e-mailing people you know about this site. You can also make direct donations and SHEWD has possibilities for volunteers from abroad. Visit the SHEWD website to learn more & for volunteer. We believe that "One volunteer is Better than Ten Force Man".

e-Progress is a Dutch non-profit-organization closely connected with SHEWD. e-Progress is taking care of the logistics for Hipknit in Europe. It is started to support  any initiatives in isolated or developing areas to use the internet to reach foreign markets and to break out of their isolated positions.

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