Beautiful Pashmina Shawls

All proceedings from your orders will directly profit the people of Nepal!

Meet some of our customers!

Ordering from the Hipknit site is really easy.

  1. Surf through the product menus (Winter Fashion, Summer Fashion, Accessories) to the product you like and press the Color Selector.
  2. Select up to three colors using the Color Selector. After choosing colors press 'Select this combination'.  (Please note: If the color selector doesn't work properly download Flash 5 first. This takes less then two minutes and gives you a lot of cool animations on internet).
  3. Scroll down to complete order details like measures and quantity. You only need to fill in the delivery address the first time. Always give your name and e-mail address and your exact measures. After you have completed the order form press the submit-button.
  4. You can now continue shopping and order more items the same way.
  5. All ordered items from the same e-mail address will be added up by us to one big order. Total orders of 20 EURO and more will be shipped free of charge to the Netherlands  including all taxes.  For lower amounts we will have to charge 5 EURO shipping costs. We will send you an order confirmation for all ordered items with information about the payment.


Give the measures as you would like to have them for your sweater, so not your body measures. You can use a piece of clothing that fits well for this.  Sleeves and shoulders are measured from the top. 


We are trying to setup an account in UK with the help from our volunteer Mariska van der Linden & that our customer can easily transfer.We will update soon with the accounht details - . .  You will receive all billing details by email after you have ordered.  As soon as we have received the payment and are finished knitting we will ship the goods.

Delivery time
If we receive your payment in time it will take you approximately
7 weeks to receive the goods from Nepal after having placed your order.
If it takes longer due to unforeseen circumstances we will notify you by e-mail.

Special wishes
If you have any special wishes  tell us so under 'comments' in the order form. Always make sure to give us your exact measure (in centimeters) so we can really make it fit for you. 

We can also knit for your children. Please give the exact measures of your child. We will give up to 60 % discount depending on the size.

Ordering from within EC (outside the Netherlands)
For European countries prices are including taxes but 10 EURO of additional shipping expenses will be charged.

Ordering from countries outside the EC
For shipments to countries outside the EC and additional amount of 15 EURO will be charged for shipping. In addition you have to pay taxes to the customs of your country.

Credit Card Payments
At this moment we are still in the process of developing facilities for credit card payments.

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