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The Pashmina Story

Top quality, durability and suppleness means that pashmina is  unparalleled by any other wool in the world. Made out of the wool from the Chyangra goat mixed with silk Pashmina is considered the best cashmere  wool to be found. A specialty of Nepal!

On Hipknit we are able to offer you this exclusive item for a very  attractive price because again you are buying it directly from the producer. 10% of the profit goes to the SHEWD foundation to support their community projects which will be very helpful  to our poor children's education. 

We are offering the Pashmina Shawls in three sizes, each in different qualities and colors:

Shawl (1 x 2 meter):

Stole (0,72 x 2  meter)

Muffler (0,3 x 1,5 meter)

50% pashmina 50% silk

EURO 120,-


60% Pashmina 40% silk

EURO 130,-


50% Pashmina 50% silk

EURO 94,-


60% Pashmina 40% silk

EURO 98,-


50% Pashmina 50% silk

EURO 40,-


60% Pashmina 40% silk

EURO 42,-


This is a unique chance to buy an exclusive accessory for little money and support a good cause at the same time. A great gift for yourself or a loved one!

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