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Wool fashion

Our knitted winter fashion is made of 100% high quality wool shipped all the way from New Zealand to Nepal. We are able to knit in various models and styles.

Please take a look at our winter fashion by selecting products on the left side navigation bar.

Orders can be placed by pressing the 'color selector' button where you can first select up to three colors and then fill in the other order details. Always give us your exact measures.  If you want it all in one color choose the plain style and select the same color three times.

Take advantage of all the possibilities by ordering a shawl and cap to match your sweater.

To use the color selector you need the flash 5 viewer. If  the color selector is not working properly (e.g. if the colors don't change after selecting colors)download flash 5 first. It takes less than 2 minutes and gives you a lot of nice graphics on internet.

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